With the warm weather upon us and everyday feeling like the weekend, after working from home fatigue is kicking in, why not fire up the BBQ this week and enjoy some family time.

Here at MEATPAC, we have compiled our top ten list, to help you get your BBQ off to a fiery start…no pun intended…


There are many ways to make a BBQ, from wood chips to charcoal and gas. Here at MEATPAC, we prefer to use the good old fashioned charcoal approach which adds to the flavour of the meat.


When cooking meat, be patient, don’t be tempted to keep opening the lid of the BBQ. Checking every half an hour is enough and try not to poke holes into the meat. Make sure the flames have died down before you start to add the food. If using charcoals make sure they are white-hot coals, grey and glowing is ideal and will create the perfect temperature.


Allow the meat to rest once cooked, this will seal the juices and flavours inside the meat and when you are ready, cut the meat and serve immediately, with warm pitta and a selection of BBQ sides.


Make sure that your BBQ is big enough to hold the amount of food you wish to cook. The meat especially needs room to breathe whilst cooking and should not be touching other meats or the side of the BBQ.

5. TOOLBOX                         

There is nothing more frustrating than setting up the BBQ, the coals are ready for cooking, you are trying to be a BBQ pro and you drop the sausage down the side of the grill. Your first response is: did anyone see!
Invest in a heavy-duty oven glove and a decent pair of tongs, to ensure you don’t drop anything and have total BBQ control.

6.  MARINADE IS A MUST         

Meat with a marinade is delicious on the BBQ, our BBQ MEATPAC contains three marinaded types of meat, our very popular minted lamb steaks, Piri Piri chicken and our juicy ginger, chilli and lime pork steaks. These are all easy to cook and offer fantastic flavours.

7. SIDE DISHES                   

A BBQ wouldn't be a BBQ, without the side dishes, homemade crunchy coleslaw, potato salad, crisps and dips and corn on the cobs which have been grilled on the BBQ and dressed with butter.

8. POUR THE WATER          

If using a charcoal BBQ always place a bucket of water nearby just in case. A large gush of wind could easily blow flames onto a nearby hedge. You don’t want to knock on the neighbour's door, reporting you are the local fire starter, stay safe and think sensibly.


To ensure you don’t mix up meats, place uncooked meat onto a plate ready to be placed on the BBQ and then another plate for the meat that has been cooked and ready to serve. This avoids any contamination.

10. THE BIG CLEAN UP      

Lay some foil into the BBQ before you lay the briquettes in. This will allow you to clean up afterwards quicker, more time to enjoy a cold glass of beer or glass of something bubbly.

To create the perfect BBQ, order one of our BBQ PACS.

We have 2 options: BBQ PAC and BIG BBQ PAC, including Free Next Day Delivery!

If you have any questions please speak to the expert team at MEATPAC via

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