Plan Your Family Meals with MEATPAC

Plan Your Family Meals with MEATPAC

Our Family Pac is perfect for those busy families who want fresh meat and don't have time to make frequent visits to the local butcher.  Here at MEATPAC, we offer free delivery on orders over £30! This pac can be delivered the very next day ready for you to organise your weekly meals.

In this article, we present to you some ideas for dishes that you can create with our best-selling FAMILY PAC, allowing you to plan the week ahead and focus your time on entertaining the family.

Eggs are perfect for a family breakfast, poached, scrambled or boiled, offering a variety of breakfast ideas. Cook up a lunchtime omelette and add some crispy bacon and cheese or serve poached eggs with avocado on sourdough toast to bring that cafe atmosphere into the home.

Sausages go well with creamy mash or you can add them to Yorkshire puddings to create a toad in the hole. The MEATPAC sausages are also perfect to add to a breakfast dish or use in a sausage sandwich, for a cheeky start to the day.

Bacon is highly versatile and can be added to many family dishes. Pasta-bake, bacon and eggs for breakfast. Crispy bacon added to an avocado sandwich or a simple bacon sandwich with ketchup.

Pork Chops
Our MEATPAC pork chops are juicy and full of flavour and can be marinated with a variety of flavours and herbs. Add mustard and serve with green beans or place under the grill and cook until the rind is slightly crispy and serve with roast potatoes and apple sauce for a Sunday lunch. Pork chops can be used in endless recipes, to create a perfect family dish...

Lamb Chops
Like our pork chops, our lamb chops are full of flavour and very juicy and can be marinated with herbs to create the perfect family meal. Dress with a mint salsa and serve with fresh salad and crispy potatoes. Lamb chops also create a tasty family roast dinner or cook under the grill until tender and serve with couscous.

Chicken provides a variety of options. From a homemade curry to a chicken casserole, the list is endless.  It can be cooked many ways and flavoured to your taste, either spicy or mild depending on preference.

Beef Mince
Beef mince is a staple for every family fridge or freezer. It offers a huge variety of dishes, from a slow-cooked chilli to a lasagne or even a classic burger, perfect for everybody's tastebuds.

Order our Family Pac today and take advantage of our Free Next Day Delivery Service! This is the perfect addition to your family weekly shop.

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