How to Butterfly a Leg of Lamb

Butterflying a leg of lamb will allow the lamb to cook faster and evenly, this technique will allow you to remove the bone to lay the leg of lamb flat in an oven dish or on a BBQ. Choose a knife that is sharp enough to cut through bone and can cut through meat easily to avoid damage.

  1. Take your leg of lamb and place on a suitable surface, cut either side of the bottom of the bone which is exposed.
  2. Then make an incision at the top of the bone where it enters the meat.
  3. Keep cutting around the bottom of the bone to free up from the meat, repeat the steps until you have actually cut through the bone which can be seen.
  4. The bone will be removed in two parts, the bottom part of the bone needs to be removed first.
  5. From the top of the meat cut all the way through to expose the remaining bone which is situated in the middle of the meat.
  6. Start to cut away the bone on either side of the meat to free up the sides. Keep the knife as close to the bone as possible to avoid any wastage.
  7. Lift up the bone and slice underneath to free the bone completely from the sides.
  8. Cut the meat away from the last remaining attached part and remove the bone.
  9. Remove at fats situated where the bone was located, by cutting away.
  10. Cut incisions into the meat sides, not all the way through, this will help the meat to become flat.

Marinade with herbs and spices or simply cook with some fresh rosemary and enjoy. Best cooked on the BBQ!!

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