BBQ the perfect steak with James Brooks

BBQ the perfect steak with James Brooks.

Here at MEATPAC we have been working with food lover and BBQ extraordinaire James Brooks. We spoke to James about how to cook the perfect steak on a BBQ, so that you can impress your guests this summer. 

How do you prep your steak?

I like to use flakey salt, my favourite is Cornish sea salt flakes, I salt each side of the steak liberally. I allow my steak to reach room temperature before placing on the BBQ.  

Talk to us about your BBQ set up?

My BBQ is charcoal, it adds to the flavour of the meat and brings authenticity to my BBQ experience. I have two heat zones on the BBQ. A direct heat zone and an indirect heat zone. I always add some whisky barrel chips to add extra flavour.

Whats the cooking process?

I cook the steak gently on the indirect heat first, with the lid closed, dependent on the thickness of the steak and steak being used. Then I go for a final sear on the screamingly hot side of the BBQ. You want to get a crust on both sides as quickly as possible to avoid too much heat entering into the meat. 

How do I know if its cooked? 

A probe thermometer is really helpful, to know when your meat is almost at your preferred doneness.

Do you rest the steak before slicing?

Yes, make sure you remove the meat a few degrees before your preferred temperature, as the meat will continue to cook whilst resting. Make sure you rest your steak for a few minutes before slicing. This will allow the meat to reabsorb all of the juices which will make your steak lovely and juicy. 

Final touches 

Add some more sea salt flakes after slicing for that perfect finish and enjoy.

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